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Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (LDI) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

For Program Alumni

Continued Development, Continued Success

Now that you have attended a program for your development, you may be asking… “What’s Next?” We believe that great leadership requires ongoing commitment. We have developed this page as a gateway for your development, a place where you can find resources to continue your education.

Integrated Coaching

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is pleased to offer CCL-certified Integrated Coaching as an extension of your leadership training. Integrated Coaching is for program participants who could benefit from a period of professional coaching after returning to work. The process is designed to provide encouragement, motivation and accountability in the months following a program, a time when some find it difficult to stay focused on goals and when this level of support may not be readily available elsewhere.

Custom Programs

LDI can help your organization with more specific needs through our custom program offerings. By making a program available at your organization’s site, a larger number of managers can experience a program and your company’s specific goals and objectives can be addressed. Any of our open-enrollment programs can be tailored to fit your company’s requirements, or we will create a program that mixes the elements your organization needs most. We enjoy working with clients over the long-term in order to create productive, results-oriented partnerships. We believe that education and training efforts need to be ongoing at all levels of the organization. We are committed to the development of critical leadership and management practices that the organization will need to achieve its objectives.

2018 Financial Times Executive Education Survey Top 10

For the 17th year in a row, the Financial Times ranks CCL as one of the world’s Top 10 executive education providers in the 2018 survey of executive education! CCL remains the only institution among 85 in the survey focused exclusively on leadership development.

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12 Challenges Facing New Managers
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