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Business Process Management (BPM)

Optimize Your Processes Through Teamwork and Innovation

Your organization—any organization—is a collection of processes. These processes are the natural business activities you perform that produce value, serve customers and generate income. Managing these processes is the key to the success of your organization.

Unfortunately, most organizations—probably yours—are not set up to manage processes. Instead they manage tasks. Think about it. Isn’t your company organized around functions (the manufacturing department, the radiology department, the sales department, the customer service department)?

Business Process Management (BPM) enables you to eliminate the inefficiency that is built into most cross-functional processes while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction, thereby improving business results even in a challenging business environment.

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Learning Objectives

The Business Process Management program provides tools and techniques you need to regain and maintain a cross-functional focus that:

  • Maximizes value creation for the customer
  • Optimizes process flow to minimize waste and cycle service time
  • Sustains excellence and fosters strategic breakthroughs via innovation
  • Fosters teamwork and cross-silo cooperation

Program Take Aways

  • System Map
  • Process Mapping Tools and Techniques
    – Top Down
    – Cross-Functional Chart
    – Activity Diagram
    – Workflow Diagram
  • Improvement Strategies
  • Process Performance Metrics

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit any individual or manager who has both a role in continuous improvement and an interest in redefining the customer experience and your organization’s competitive position in the marketplace.

  • Managers who influence operational performance or customer satisfaction
  • Business Analysts or Business Process Analysts/Engineers
  • Director/Coordinator of a Continuous Improvement initiative
  • Pursuing CBPA or CBPP certification from the ABPMP
  • Human Resources professional looking to have a more strategic impact
  • Finance/Cost professional looking to find/eliminate hidden costs
  • Customer Service professional who need to serve more customers
  • Actively involved in your organization’s performance improvement efforts

Program Outline

Mapping, Redesign and Analysis

  • Systems Thinking: Seeing the Big Picture
  • Mapping & Analysis: Inside the Black Box
  • Getting There: Next Steps

Measuring & Improving Processes

  • The Customer First
  • Measuring Process Quality
  • Analyzing Performance
  • Your Improvement Strategy

Process Innovation

  • Identify the Need
  • Define the Change
  • Prepare for Change
  • Plan and Implement the Change
  • Integrate the Change



Volume Discount available for Companies registering 3 or more individuals.


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