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A Few Words from Our Clients about Executive Coaching

“As part of Rinker’s efforts to provide senior managers with ongoing leadership development, we worked with EckerdCollege to customize a program to fit our needs. Every manager who went through the Eckerd training was given the opportunity to continue working with his or her executive coach from the program. For me, coaching has been a remarkable experience. While I initially anticipated that it would be an interesting process, it has turned out to be so valuable that I sometimes wonder what I did before I had a coach.
As I had expected, coaching does provide me with objective feedback and perspectives, but in addition it has provided an opportunity for regular self-reflection. It is a great way for me to keep track of my own thoughts and feelings about my career progression and personal development. To have someone outside the organization to bounce ideas off of in a completely confidential manner is helpful in itself. But it’s truly an exceptional opportunity to be able to discuss an issue with someone who knows my history, who can help analyze the situation, and who can dissect the problem to its core components. My coach encourages me to consider various options and clarify which solutions are most in line with my goals. She reminds me where I have been, what my goals are, and what I need to work on, which helps me stay focused on what’s most important to me.
Coaching requires a minimal time commitment—for me just one hour per month—but reaps such huge rewards. I think about our conversations a great deal in between sessions, and that helps me to make better decisions and confront issues more directly when faced with them. I am much more aware of how I am being perceived. I have also figured out how to be direct without coming across as cold or uncaring. I believe that all leaders should be proactive in seeking out a coach as they are moving up the corporate ladder. A coach can help you to hone skills, increase your self-awareness, and ensure time for regular reflection.”
– Monica Manolas, VP of Human Resources and Operations Performance,
Rinker Materials Corporation, Concrete Pipe Division

“My coach provided guidance in translating the information and tools from the workshop into an individual action plan. I was determined to walk out of the program with a well defined plan that addressed business planning, process, and employee relations. I have been tremendously successful in accomplishing 13 of the 15 action items over the course of a year. The result is a better work environment and increased sales performance. My coach was critical to my success as an effective manager, giving me not only the tools but the guidance and continual support to implement my plan.”
– Kelly Sooter, Head of Domestic Home Entertainment, Dreamworks

“The executive coaching program is a powerful process in which the coachee can focus on people management skills and boost performance to high levels in a very short time. With encouragement from the coach, the client develops a heightened self-awareness which is, for sure, the key to success of the program.”
– Vice President, Human Resources, Citibank, Colombia

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