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Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (LDI) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)


The LDP Experience

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a highly personalized, interactive week-long experience. Participants will gain insight and perspective that will help them unlock their leadership potential and develop the key leadership skills needed to achieve impactful, tangible results throughout the organization.

LDP is a comprehensive three-phase approach to learning which includes pre-program assessment, five days of face-to-face training and coaching and application back in the workplace.



Before the program week, participants, plus selected direct reports, peers and superiors, complete several web-based surveys, including a customized multi-rater assessment of 15 leadership competencies important for leadership effectiveness. Participants also conduct a structured pre-program interview with a boss to set the stage for transferring learning back to the organization.

Pre-program assessments provide

  • Insights to broaden leadership perspective.
  • A detailed picture of leadership strengths, behaviors and preferences.
  • Understanding of top-priority competencies.
  • Clarity about development needs.
  • A foundation for significant personal and professional growth.


For five days, participants are immersed in their personal data, experiential activities and skill-building exercises. Led by highly qualified faculty, LDP is a safe—but challenging—environment for learning, practice, reflection and goal setting.

The program features

  • In-depth, 360-degree and individual assessment and feedback.
  • Experiential activities and hands-on exercises, including a business environment simulation, for practice and deeper learning.
  • A half-day, personal session with a certified CCL coach to clarify thinking and plan next steps.
  • Peer learning groups to provide feedback, insight, suggestions and support.


After the Leadership Development Program ends, participants apply and sustain their learning with a package of resources.

Ongoing support includes

  • Two, 45-minute phone coaching sessions with a certified CCL coach.
  • A structured process for conversations with a boss—a critical step for success.
  • Post-program 360-degree assessment which measures progress on skills and behaviors since attending LDP.
  • Access to eLearning designed to reinforce lessons from the program, including courses, books, podcasts, articles and quick-reference checklists and tools.
  • Optional, fee-based learning and support, such as post-program coaching engagements, additional eLearning packages and custom initiatives to connect individual development to organizational needs.

Story of Impact

Learn how LDP enhances

  • Communication
  • Influencing across the organization
  • Self-awareness
  • Implementing change

LDP is the most widely attended leadership program in the world. Learn why from our graduates and faculty.

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