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Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (LDI) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)


Research indicates that managing conflict is one of the most common development needs of leaders and managers. This finding isn’t surprising given how pervasive conflict is and how detrimental unresolved conflict can be for individuals, teams and organizations.

Designed for leaders at all levels, Mastering Conflict Dynamics (MCD) gives participants an increased awareness of the root causes of conflict and helps them acquire new skills for effectively assessing and resolving conflict. Through a variety of teaching techniques including lectures, simulations, group exercises and personal feedback, the program helps participants learn to address conflict with comfort and confidence.

Learning Objectives

During this program, participants will:

  • Understand the value of conflict
  • Receive feedback regarding behaviors during times of conflict
  • Learn and practice skills for resolving conflict effectively
  • Recognize how style differences contribute to misunderstandings
  • Participate in a one-on-one personal coaching session

MCD Program Overview


  • Four Half-Day Sessions from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT daily

Upcoming Dates:


  • November 1-4, 2022—Virtual

Also offered in-person. Click HERE for information. 


  • January 17-20, 2023—Virtual
  • April 26-28, 2023—In-Person
  • July 18-21, 2023—Virtual
  • November 1-3, 2023—In-Person


$2,200 Per Person

MCD Live Online Program Schedule:

16 hours of live online learning divided into four ½ day sessions, including a confidential one-on-one feedback session with an executive coach.

Day 1
Discovering Your Impact During Times of Conflict

Selecting Relevant Conflict Quotes

Recognizing the Costs of Conflict

Reviewing the Conflict Dynamics Profile® Feedback

Day 2
Preparing for
Difficult Conversations

Exploring Conflict Mindset Through Questions

Listening to Understand

Practicing Constructive Conflict

Day 3
Solving Team Conflict

Identifying Different Problem-Solving Styles

Building Consensus Through Conflict

Exploring Skills of Inquiry and Advocacy

Day 4
Sustaining Your Conflict Competence

Leveraging Your Strengths in Conflict

Engaging in an Individualized Coaching Session

Preparing an Action Plan for Increased Organizational Effectiveness

Assessment-Based Learning

• Conflict Dynamics Profile® (360-degree version)
• Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory
• Strengths Profile

Special Features

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) provides comprehensive feedback on how participants perceive themselves responding to conflict, how others view them, what behaviors are perceived to be more effective and which of their responses have the most potential to damage their careers within an organization.

A one-on-one personal feedback session with a feedback coach will help participants understand and interpret data from the CDP and two other powerful assessment tools.

Peer learning provides opportunities for feedback, insight, suggestions and support.

I highly recommend this course to any manager dealing with teams of different individuals in any work environment.”

– Dr. Dale Kummerle, Regional Medical Affairs Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Why MCD at Eckerd College

Reputation of Excellence

  • Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute (LDI) has been a Network Associate of the renowned Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) since 1981 and has delivered internationally acclaimed programs to thousands of local, national and international clients.
  • Since its inception, LDI has enjoyed a reputation for excellence and quality in education and training.
  • Our senior faculty consistently receive 4.8 or 4.9 on a 5.0 scale in value and enjoyment. Often, the ratings don’t even fully reflect the impact our programs have had on the individual lives and careers of participants who have participated in LDI programs at Eckerd College.

High-Quality, Assessment-Based Program Content

  • Rich, research-based content is focused on what matters most for leaders at all levels.
  • Intensive, personalized feedback gives participants an assessment of important competencies
    and a plan for learning.
  • The live online interactive format prepares participants to take action back at work, and the coaching and take-home tools support newly enhanced conflict resolution and leadership skills.
  • Low faculty/participant ratio: 1:12.



$2,200 Per Person

Additional post-program coaching may be added for $400 per hour.

MCD Live Online Program Dates


  • November 1-4, 2022—Virtual

Also offered in-person. Click HERE for information.