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SHRM Exam Prep – Top Ten Study Tips

The SHRM-CP/SCP Exam will benefit your career immediately offering expanded HR knowledge and practical, real-life competencies to make an immediate impact on your job. Use these tips from our SHRM-SCP certified instructor to help you prepare and feel confident on exam day.


The Best Leaders Always Ask These Questions (Article)

by John Ryan, President and CEO of the Center for Creative Leadership®.

The most effective leaders are those who develop great diagnostic abilities and thus can cut through seemingly complicated situations and identify the levers that will really make a difference. They have insatiable curiosity, the humility to know they can and must learn every day, and awareness of their own limitations.


Story of Impact: Leadership Development Program (LDP)® (Downloadable PDF)

LDP is the longest-running and most widely attended program of its kind in the world. Explore the benefits of attending LDP.


12-Challenges Facing First-Time Managers (White Paper)

Understand the challenges facing first-time managers and ways to support them in their leadership transition.


Benefits of the MLP (Video)

Senior Trainer Julia Welch discusses the Maximizing Your Leadership Potential program’s three areas of focus in this video on how this dynamic program helps first-time managers leverage skills for future success.


4 Ways to Increase Your Resiliency (Article)

Being able to increase your resiliency is necessary in today’s uncertain and volatile managerial world. The question is: how can you develop it? Here are 4 strategies you can use.


9 Things CEOs Say About Themselves (Article)

People love to talk about CEOs, but how do these executives describe themselves? 100 Chief Executive Officers were surveyed to understand what great leaders say about themselves and get a sense of whether the descriptions from the top sound like the ones about the top.


Advice for First-Time Leaders in 6-Words! (Video)

Participants share their creative response to the question…What is your advice to first-time leaders?


Leadership Lessons from a Bee (Article)

How dealing with a bee swarm resulted in leadership lessons.


Me & You: First-Time Managers (White Paper)

Introducing the cognitive mindset first-time managers must adopt, and four critical skill gaps the must be improved for success.


Recommended Reading for Leadership (Article)

Recommended literature on leadership, entrepreneurship and conflict management by LDI’s Faculty.

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