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Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (LDI) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)


Developing Your Leadership Brand is designed for managers who wish to understand how colleagues perceive their current behavior and to define their own leadership aspirations for the future.

Participants learn about the concept of leadership brand and contemplate how they would most like to be viewed as a leader in these unprecedented times. These aspirations then serve as a guide for daily leadership behaviors. Next, they receive feedback on a 360-degree assessment, Benchmarks for Managers™, to enhance self-awareness regarding their personal leadership reputations. Two subsequent coaching sessions, one during the workshop and one in the weeks following, prompt candid conversations about how to close the gap between reputation and aspirations. Rich discussions with peers also contribute to the development of meaningful and motivating action plans.

Learning Objectives

During this program, participants will:

  • Seek insight into who they are as leaders by reflecting on lessons learned over the years
  • Define how they aspire to be known as leaders particularly in this time of crisis and change
  • Enhance self-awareness by assessing their current leadership reputation
  • Identify opportunities for creating the leadership brand they desire
  • Engage in two personalized coaching sessions to create a compelling plan for career development

Developing Your Leadership Brand Program Overview


  • Two Half-Day Sessions from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT daily

Upcoming Dates:

Contact us for upcoming dates.

Fee: $1450 per person
Additional post-program coaching may be added for $400 per hour.

Developing Your Leadership Brand Live Online Program Schedule:

8 hours of live online learning divided into two ½-day sessions, including a confidential one-on-one feedback session and a post-program session with an executive coach.

Day 1

Understanding Desired Leadership Outcomes

Identifying Your Leadership Brand

Recognizing Your Leadership Reputation

Day 2

Communicating in Ambiguous Times

Coaching for Ongoing Career Development

Committing to a Plan of Action

Special Features

  • Benchmarks for Managers™ is a comprehensive 360-degree assessment for middle-to upper-level managers that measures 16 competencies critical for success. This in-depth analysis of observable behaviors provides managers with a solid assessment of their perceived leadership capabilities.
  • Two personalized virtual coaching conversations are designed to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level.
  • Peer consultations allow rich feedback from others in similar roles.

Why Developing Your Leadership Brand at Eckerd College

Reputation of Excellence

  • Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute (LDI) has been a Network Associate of the renowned Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) since 1981 and has delivered internationally acclaimed programs to thousands of local, national and international clients.
  • Since its inception, LDI has enjoyed a reputation for excellence and quality in education and training.
  • Our senior faculty consistently receive 4.8 or 4.9 on a 5.0 scale in value and enjoyment. Often, the ratings don’t even fully reflect the impact our programs have had on the individual lives and careers of participants who have participated in LDI programs at Eckerd College.

High-Quality, Assessment-Based Program Content

  • Rich, research-based content is focused on what matters most for leaders at all levels.
  • Intensive, personalized feedback gives participants an assessment of important competencies
    and a plan for learning.
  • The live online interactive format prepares participants to take action back at work, and the coaching and take-home tools support newly enhanced conflict resolution and leadership skills.
  • Low faculty/participant ratio: 1:12.



$1450 per person for the program

Additional post-program coaching may be added for $400 per hour.

Developing Your Leadership Brand Program Dates

Contact us for upcoming dates.