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Consulting for Organizational Success

“Our experienced consultants collaborate with organizational leaders to identify strengths and weaknesses, examine the impact of their behavior on others and regularly and intentionally reflect on their values, goals and effectiveness. Our consultants blend an understanding of behavioral and organizational dynamics with an expertise in psychological assessment, enabling them to tailor their interventions to the unique needs of our clients. The support and accountability provided by our consultants ensures that the goals developed during the leadership coaching are translated into lasting change.

Our talent management processes are designed based on the fundamental belief that employee engagement and organizational outcomes are integrally connected and that the role of leadership is fundamental to success. Our interventions and client engagements begin with an assessment of needs, an understanding of the current reality and guided exploration of aspirations for the future. Our processes, programs and services are co-created with clients to recognize and address barriers to success, tap and fully develop the talent and inspiration in the organization and measure progress along the way.

The LDI Approach

LDI’s time-honored consulting approach supports leaders with increasing their understanding of their strengths and development opportunities and enhancing organizational effectiveness. The development areas on which we focus are driven by the unique needs of each individual organization, but some examples include: 

  • Conducting organizational climate surveys
  • Assessing and addressing employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Developing teams to enhance synergy and results
  • Assessing organization strengths and areas of improvement
  • Leveraging individual and team strengths
  • Providing clear direction, aligning resources and engaging associates
  • Creating culture of shared ownership and accountability
  • Enhancing influence and communication skills
  • Examining the barriers and bridges to effective conflict management
  • Increasing the effectiveness of decision-making 
  • Creating a culture of trust and collaboration
  • Leveraging strategic delegation to increase team capacity
  • Developing executive presence
  • Building capacity to champion change
  • Understanding the value of entrepreneurial mindset for leaders and teams charged with driving growth and innovation within their organizations
  • Strengthening leadership impact with clear individual and organizational vision

In addition to tailoring programs to meet specific needs, LDI’s public in-person and virtual workshops can be delivered as standalone sessions or integrated into a series of leadership modules to meet the needs of a group, team or an entire organization. They can also be expanded or shortened to half-day, full-day or multi-day programs.

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Consulting Process

LDI’s work with every client and for every unique engagement follows the same basic process, regardless of the nature of the intervention. The process is as follows: 

  • Consultants conduct a thorough Needs Assessment with identified organizational leaders and key stakeholders. Each Needs Assessment is tailored to the needs of the particular project, but may include any or all of the following features:
    •  Interviews with employees, leaders and key stakeholders
    • Onsite observations of work processes
    • Onsite observations of team dynamics
    • Attendance at organizational meetings
    • Face-to-face interviews
    • Review of organization’s mission, vision, values
    • Development and administration of climate and culture surveys
    • Administration of self-report, team and 360-degree assessments
  •  Preparation of report to summarize the findings from the Needs Assessment and to recommend a proposed approach to the intervention
  • Agreement and clarification on the proposed approach and selection of consultants to lead the project
  • Implementation of the intervention(s)
  • Ongoing evaluation of efficacy of the intervention(s)
  • Final report and evaluation of the process

Every client is assigned a team of professional staff members to manage all parts of the engagement throughout the entire process.

LDI’s consulting staff consists of highly trained and experienced consultants with diverse business and academic backgrounds. All LDI consultants have advanced degrees and coaching credentials and are trained to work closely and collaboratively with individual leaders and within their organizational structures. All of LDI’s consultants are seasoned professionals with expertise in assessment, leadership and performance enhancement. They include doctoral level psychologists and business professionals with varied industry backgrounds.