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What is Coaching?

Coaching is the most highly individualized form of leadership development available. Coaching is a process in which a qualified coach works one-on-one with a leaderthe “coachee.” The coachee and the coach collaborate to understand the developmental task, challenge current constraints, explore new possibilities and ensure accountability and support for reaching goals and sustaining development.

Executive Coaching

Leaders achieve high performance and directly impact business results with personalized, executive leadership coaching for one-on-one development.

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Conflict Coaching

Individuals work one-on-one with an an executive coach to become more confident and effective in their management of workplace conflict.

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Integrated Coaching

Program graduates keep the momentum alive and reconnect with their program feedback coach through post-program coaching.

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LDI’s Coaching Services Offers You:

Personalized Attention

Good coaches blend an understanding of behavioral and organizational dynamics with an expertise in psychological assessment, enabling them to tailor their coaching interventions to your unique needs. The support and accountability provided by the coach ensure that your goals are translated into lasting change. Through the coaching process, our coaches become a trusted resource; they understand your organization’s culture, they know your strengths and opportunities and they can support you as you navigate your professional challenges and celebrate your successes. 

Credible, Experienced Coaches

LDI’s coaching staff consists of highly trained and experienced coaches with diverse business and academic backgrounds. They have undergone a rigorous selection, training and quality control process. They are seasoned professionals with strong business acumen, exceptional interpersonal skills, a commitment to confidentiality and expertise in 360-degree feedback, leadership effectiveness and organizational dynamics. They hold advanced degrees and have extensive industry expertise and real-world work experience. All LDI coaches work closely and collaboratively with individual leaders and within organizational structures.


Our team of exceptional executive coaches is ready to support you. We offer executive leadership, conflict and team coaching in person or virtually by phone, video and on web platforms of your choice. Coaching is convenient, cost-effective and personal.  Regardless of the delivery method, coaching is individualized, accessible when you need it and focused on what matters most to you.

Coaching Outcomes

Sometimes individual executives choose to pursue coaching for themselves; other times, a manager or a human resource professional recommends coaching for them. Either way, successful executive coaching can significantly improve personal, team and organizational performance. The specific goals that lead executives or their organizational sponsors to initiate coaching include improving interpersonal skills, managing stress, driving change, preparing for professional advancement and preventing derailment.

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Providing access to coaching for leaders at your organization can help executives navigate through complex situations, especially during times of disruption.

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A Few Words from Our Clients

About Coaching

“Working with my coach was instrumental in helping me navigate a variety of unique career challenges that took place during a time of unprecedented business and economic disruptions. Thanks to her, I was able to develop a vision of what success looks like, increase my confidence, and become a better leader. Executive coaching wasn’t something I realized I needed until I experienced the transformation it helped to build.”

Stephanie Morge
Director Operations Training and Development, Power Design

“My coach provided guidance in translating the information and tools from the workshop into an individual action plan. I was determined to walk out of the program with a well defined plan that addressed business planning, process, and employee relations. I have been tremendously successful in accomplishing 13 of the 15 action items over the course of a year. The result is a better work environment and increased sales performance. My coach was critical to my success as an effective manager, giving me not only the tools but the guidance and continual support to implement my plan.”

Kelly Sooter
Head of Domestic Home Entertainment, Dreamworks

“I’m a very private person, and the concept of working with a coach made me a little skeptical. After working with her for 7 years, I can honestly say I couldn’t have been more wrong. My coach knows me, but more importantly, has taken the time to understand how my family life impacts my work life, and vice versa. The time that we spend together is one of the more useful things that I do to help me continue to be a balanced, productive manager and teammate.”

Bo Young
Executive Director, Global Strategy, Customer Analytics

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Coaching Services

If you’d like to learn more about our coaching program, please feel free to call us (800-753-0444) and ask to speak with someone who can answer your questions about coaching, or email Maggie Dunn, Coaching Talent Lead at the Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute.