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It's all about the mindset

LDI delivers public and custom programs for leaders at all levels. Our programs include several distinguishing characteristics, such as a focus on individual development, superior instruction, action-oriented development plans and an interactive learning process featuring personal assessment and feedback. We design programs for specific organizational needs, from a comprehensive leadership institute for executive teams to a 3-day program that helps managers master the challenges of workplace conflict. LDI also provides diagnostic services that identify company roadblocks and assist in attaining organizational goals, and executive coaching to help individual leaders build on their strengths and develop their areas of opportunity.

About the emp

LDI provides world-class programs in a world class setting. The climate we’ve created for learning–one that is stimulating and challenging, yet relaxed and open-minded–is enhanced by our sunny Florida location. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters excellence. Sandy beaches and balmy weather are simply additional benefits.

College Students

Are you fully leveraging your unique strengths and talents in a way that enhances your chances for professional success?

Corporate Leaders

What should you be doing to help your teams and organizations grow and stay ahead of the competition?


Are you balancing risk and reward—and strategy and execution—in pursuit of high-potential opportunities?

Having this “entrepreneurial mindset” is essential to sustaining growth and innovation.

Developed by the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP) is an empirically-based, cutting-edge assessment tool based on extensive research into the traits, motivations and skills of entrepreneurs. Available in self-report and team report formats, the EMP can help leaders and individual contributors alike assess the degree to which their teams are utilizing an “entrepreneurial mindset.”
LDI offers customized programs using the EMP to address specific needs. The EMP can be incorporated into programs designed to assess and promote competencies such as innovation, creativity and growth leadership. Alternately, it can be used to benchmark a team’s entrepreneurial capacity prior to the design of a program, so that the program can accurately target the team’s specific opportunities for development.