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Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (LDI) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)


Convenient. Cost-Effective. Personal and Individualized.

Our team of exceptional leadership coaches is ready to support you during this extraordinary time. We are providing executive, leadership and team coaching virtually by phone, video and on web platforms of your choice. Live online delivery is individualized, accessible when you need it and focused on what matters most to you.

Working with a coach will help you to:

  • Lead during times of uncertainty and change
  • Reflect on your values, goals and effectiveness
  • Deepen awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the barriers and bridges to enhanced performance
  • Receive support as you navigate these unprecedented challenges
  • Increase your resilience

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Get Individualized Support with Leadership Coaching (Live & Online).

Coaching packages of 3, 6, or 9 hours available.

Benefits of Virtual Leadership Coaching


Virtual coaching can happen anywhere at any time. The live online interactive format is convenient and prepares you to meet your current challenges at work and at home.


Now more than ever, leaders are required to work harder, for longer hours and with fewer resources. Virtual coaching provides you with high-quality individualized support when you need it most and with no travel costs.

Personal and Individualized

Coaching is the most highly individualized form of leadership development available.

Working with my coach has been instrumental in helping me navigate a variety of unique career challenges that took place during a time of unprecedented business and economic disruptions. Thanks to her, I was able to develop a vision of what success looks like, increase my confidence, and become a better leader. Executive coaching wasn’t something I realized I needed until I experienced the transformation it helped to build.

Stephanie Morge
Director of Operations Training & Development
Power Design

Why Choose Virtual Coaching at Eckerd College?


We’ve been coaching leaders since 1981, and over the past three years, LDI has conducted over 3,000 executive coaching engagements for leaders from the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors in a variety of different program delivery offerings.

Reputation of Excellence

Eckerd’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) has been a Network Associate of the world renowned Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) since 1981 and has delivered internationally acclaimed programs to thousands of local, national and international clients. LDI is one of only five institutions honored with CCL Network Associate status globally and one of only two in the United States.

Right Climate for Learning

Whether you are on our glorious waterfront campus or in a virtual setting, our programs offer the right climate for learning. Eckerd College provides world-class leadership coaching in a world-class setting. The climate we’ve created for learning is stimulating and challenging, yet relaxed, open-minded and supportive.

Talented, Trusted Coaches

LDI’s executive coaching staff consists of highly trained, experienced and credentialed coaches with diverse business and academic backgrounds. From doctoral level psychologists to business professionals with broad industry experience, all our coaches have advanced degrees and are committed to the highest professional ethical standards. Our coaches blend an understanding of behavioral and organizational dynamics with an expertise in psychological assessment, enabling us to tailor our coaching interventions to the unique needs of every client. The support and accountability provided by our coaches ensures that the goals developed during the leadership coaching are translated into lasting change.

The concept of leadership coaching was somewhat new to me when I began working with my coach at the Leadership Development Institute. After one session I knew it was a career long commitment. My coach has helped me understand better ways to communicate with colleagues and customers. He has challenged me to look inward and be better. He has provided me with balance, perspective, guidance and counsel. It has truly been a personal epiphany for me and a career changing part of my life.

Mark J D’Agostino
Senior Vice President & General Manager Commercial / Industrial
Hunter Fan Company

Coaching Focus

Our clients seek coaching to deepen their insights and effectiveness as they manage the challenges of leading in a changing environment, engaging teams, leading virtual teams, igniting innovation, managing conflict, preparing for the next level of leadership and managing work-life balance.

LDI has deep expertise in coaching and a broad set of development offerings. Our approach supports leaders with increasing self-awareness and enhancing overall effectiveness. The development areas on which we focus are driven by the unique needs of each individual leader, but some examples include:

  • Developing teams to enhance synergy and results
  • Leveraging individual and team strengths
  • Providing clear direction, aligning resources and engaging associates
  • Creating a culture of shared ownership and accountability
  • Enhancing influence and communication skills
  • Examining the barriers and bridges to effective conflict management
  • Increasing the effectiveness of decision-making
  • Creating a climate of trust and collaboration
  • Leveraging strategic delegation to increase team capacity
  • Building capacity to champion change
  • Understanding the value of an entrepreneurial mindset when driving growth and innovation
  • Strengthening leadership impact with clear individual and organizational vision

Getting Started

Our coaching team is standing by to support you.

We look forward to collaborating with you to understand your unique circumstances, to help you navigate through both professional and personal changes, and to support you with the leadership challenges that you, your teams, and your organization are addressing today.

You can purchase 3, 6, or 9 hours of coaching at $400 per hour in one simple step online.

Call us at (727) 864-7529 or email Maggie Dunn (, Coaching Talent Lead at the Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute to learn more about our coaching offerings.