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Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (LDI) & Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

SHRM Essentials® of Human Resources

SHRM 2017 Partnership

Gain HR Skills to Face Today's HR Issues

Human resource issues impact every company in some way. That’s why it’s important to understand the fundamental issues surrounding HR today. SHRM Essentials of HR teaches the HR knowledge, skills and competencies required for overall business success.

Developed by leading HR experts and legal counsel, the SHRM Essentials of HR covers a wide range of introductory HR topics in a condensed, straightforward format.​ Easy-to-understand content ensures that you master HR concepts and apply them to everyday situations and issues.

Business People

Why Invest in SHRM Essentials of HR for Your Team

Gain insights into employee recruitment and selection while avoiding legal pitfalls.

Enhance skills related to total compensation systems, pay increases and incentives, and employee benefits.

Increase knowledge of employee orientation, onboarding, professional development, and training.

Understand key pieces of federal legislation on sexual harassment, age discrimination, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

After completion of the SHRM Essentials course you will:

  • Understand your organization’s HR issues.
  • Gain insight into responsibilities that are broader than the normal scope of your job.
  • Stay up to date on the latest HR laws and regulations.
  • Increase your on-the-job confidence.
  • Have an HR reference guide at your fingertips.

Who Should Attend

  • New and junior HR practitioners who need to increase their knowledge base
  • New or experienced managers who need to learn more about employee management skills
  • Small business owners or office managers who perform the HR function for their company
  • Business managers who want to learn basic HR best practices to avoid costly litigation

Course Details & Options

Eckerd College’s courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of adult learners. Courses are taught by SHRM-certified instructors experienced in the HR field. Students will be expected to complete all assigned readings and activities prior to each class.

SHRM Essentials® of HR Management

Dates & Times


This program will be hosted online.

Contact Information

Megan Watson Kramer
(800) 753-0444

Course Fees

Registration Fee: $495
SHRM Members/Eckerd Alumni: $475

Please contact us for pricing if your organization is interested in registering 3 or more individuals.

  • Contract and Customized Group and Team Training Available

Complementing our open-enrollment program offerings are programs delivered exclusively for a group or team within a single organization. LDI instructors and staff work with client organizations to tailor programs to the unique needs and circumstances of the organization. All SHRM courses can be offered on a contract program basis. Other popular program topics include leadership effectiveness, team building, conflict resolution, executive communications and managing change.

About Eckerd College

In addition to SHRM programs, Eckerd College’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) delivers high-quality, assessment-based leadership programs to thousands of leaders. As a Network Associate of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) in Greensboro, North Carolina, LDI serves the needs of the national and international business community. Over the years, the impact of our programs on individuals, organizations and teams has repeatedly been described as powerful and life-changing.