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The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is pleased to offer CCL-certified Integrated Coaching as an extension of your Leadership Development Institute program. Integrated Coaching is for program participants who could benefit from a period of professional coaching after returning to work. The process is designed to provide encouragement, motivation and accountability in the months following a program, a time when some find it difficult to stay focused on goals and when this level of support may not be readily available elsewhere.

The basic Integrated Coaching package provides three sixty-minute telephone coaching sessions, generally scheduled over the course of three months. The coach will be a person who is familiar with your challenges and goals, and, perhaps equally important, someone you already know and trust. This is typically the same coach who provided you with feedback during LDP, but you can also choose to partner with another of our executive coaches.

If you prefer a more extensive program than the three-session Integrated Coaching package, LDI can work with you to create a customized coaching program. Customized LDI coaching programs may include face-to-face coaching sessions, interviews with selected colleagues, observations in the workplace or any other elements you feel would be beneficial to your development.

Integrated Coaching is based on support, expertise and accountability.

Support: Coaching provides you with encouragement and feedback in a confidential, risk-free setting. You can review your progress, discuss what’s working and what isn’t, identify reasons for any setbacks and consider upcoming development.
Expertise: Our coaches are seasoned professionals with expertise in assessment, leadership and performance enhancement. We can help you convert your experience in the program into practical applications that relate specifically to your own job responsibilities and organizational context.
Accountability: It’s all too easy to lose focus on your program goals once your return to your organization; coaching can provide strong motivation to keep your developmental plan on track. Your coach not only helps you identify priorities but also challenges you to commit to and follow through on the goals critical to your success.

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