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Dynamic Program Helps First-Time Managers Leverage Skills for Future Success

LDI provides world-class programs in a world class setting. The climate we’ve created for learning–one that is stimulating and challenging, yet relaxed and open-minded–is enhanced by our sunny Florida location. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters excellence. Sandy beaches and balmy weather are simply additional benefits.

Developed by the Center for Creative Leadership Maximizing Your Leadership Potential (MLP) prepares first-time managers, newly-promoted managers or managers of individual contributors to achieve lasting results through people. During this interactive three-day experience, individuals focus on specific skills and how-to’s they can use right away. MLP immerses participants in four fundamental areas: self-awareness, learning agility, communication and influence.

Senior MLP Trainer Dr. Julia Welch discusses MLP’s focus on assessment, feedback and self-awareness of leadership strengths and areas for improvement.

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