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Case Study:

Energy Industry


This company was experiencing deregulation and very strong competition. It also had recently downsized its workforce and was facing morale issues among its staff. The organization developed a Leadership Academy, a company-wide training program, and wanted a “kick-off” program that would set the stage for the other components of the Academy. Since other training modules in the Academy were going to address organizational and team issues, LDI designed an initial program that focused on the individual with an in-depth examination of each manager’s strengths and developmental needs. In addition, the company requested a program that featured components found in other LDI programs: assessment, feedback and coaching.


LDI staff, with input from the company training department, created a three-day program called Assessment for Leadership. The program addresses 22 leadership behaviors derived from a process that LDI staff conducted with top management. The program features the Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM, an assessment tool that enables participants to focus and prioritize developmental efforts based on the results of the organization’s Strategic Directions®. The program also includes a one-on-one feedback session with an LDI staff member during which participants gain new insights and ideas for development and set the stage for subsequent training in the Leadership Academy. LDI also plays a pivotal role in two other courses in the Leadership Academy.

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