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Case Study:

Commercial Services and Supplies Industry


This organization initially approached the Leadership Development Institute to deliver training that would address meaningful leadership competencies and have a measurable impact on performance. Key personnel from Human Resources were committed to the concept of highly relevant learning experiences carefully designed to produce clear behavioral outcomes. They also recognized the need for a culture change to move leaders away from traditional, conservative thinking in response to an increasingly complex and unpredictable economic environment.



As part of a multi-phase process over the course of a number of years, at least 100 top leaders in the organization attended the Leadership Development Program to enhance self-awareness and to create alignment. LDI also created a five-day program for new managers called the Challenges of Leadership. This workshop focuses modules on Creating a Vision, Developing Followership, Implementation and Follow-through, Achieving Results and Teamplaying. Although these participants receive feedback from a variety of assessments, the majority of the program is devoted to practice drills, application exercises and rehearsals of the desired leadership practices.

The organization identifies skill gaps and regularly contracts with LDI to conduct one to three-day programs on critical leadership competencies such as coaching, collaboration, conflict resolution, negotiation, resiliency and innovative problem solving.



The organization reports a more unified and nimble team that is better able to bridge the gap between senior management and the front line. The environment has become feedback-rich. Progress has been sustained through LDI’s frequent involvement in the annual Leadership Retreats focused on bringing their essential leadership principles to life. Using high-impact experiential activities tied to the organization’s objectives and utilizing carefully-selected assessments, the leadership team has begun to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset in line with their vision.

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