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Case Study:

Global Insurance Company


The Leadership Assessment and Development (LAD) program was an eighteen-month long process created to help rising executives prepare for high-level roles at a global insurance provider. Participants attended three multi-day programs and worked extensively with LDI coaches between classroom sessions. The LAD program originated in one of several business regions and was adopted at the corporate level for global implementation.



Major components of the LAD program included:

Phase One

Classroom sessions focused on 360 leadership assessment, personal style assessments, leadership values, learning tactics, shared leadership, individual consultation session, peer feedback, and individual development planning.

Phase Two

Up to six hours of on-going coaching focused on individual development plan.

Phase Three

Classroom sessions focused on 360 conflict skills assessment, video-taped conflict role plays, emotional intelligence, negotiating, team problem-solving and an individual consultation.

Phase Four

An additional six hours of on-going coaching.

Phase Five

Classroom sessions focused on re-assessment of 360 leadership instrument, developing others as leaders, creating work-life balance, maintaining relationships in the workplace and a final individual consultation.



 As a result of our multi-phase process, a significant number of high-potential leaders were promoted to higher-level positions and meaningfully improved their overall leadership effectiveness.

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