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Case Study:

Energy Industry


This company asked the Leadership Development Institute to create several customized programs for employees at a variety of levels representing a diversity of roles. The top organizational leaders requested multiple offerings of these specially-designed workshops. All programs included 360-degree assessments, high-impact experiential learning activities, individualized coaching and the crafting of detailed development plans.


Process for High Potential Women Leaders: Leadership and Influence

  • Phase One: Classroom sessions were designed for cohorts of 8-12 high potential female leaders and addressed the key leadership competencies of self-awareness, communication, influence, learning agility, building effective teams and conflict management. Participants explored their own personal paths to leadership and benefitted from both confidential colleague assessments and personal style inventories. Individual coaching sessions helped participants to identify clear action plans for the future.
  • Phase Two: Optional follow-on coaching sessions were offered to provide support, encouragement and a true measure of accountability.


Process for High Potential Leaders: Mastering Executive Conflict

  • Phase One: Classroom sessions focused on the 360-degree assessment and the video-recorded practice of constructive conflict resolution skills. Research was presented demonstrating clearly that conflict management is a critical leadership competency across all organizations. A self-report survey also prompted the identification of signature leadership strengths. Cohorts of 10-12 participants offered peer feedback, and together they developed powerful team standards aimed at creating an organizational climate of trust and cooperation.
  • Phase Two: Participants were offered up to 3 hours of follow-on coaching designed to help them sustain the progress made throughout the course.



Through the multiple offerings of each program, participants experienced greater leadership awareness and agility. Some of the major benefits were significant cross functional relationship building and the development of open communication, collegial support and increased self-confidence. A number of the participants received promotions shortly following their leadership experience.


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