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Case Study:

Energy Industry


The Global Leadership Development Framework (GLDF) was a multi-phase leadership development process created for three groups: High-performing individual contributors and existing managers (Manage Group), High-performing managers and existing directors (Lead Group), and the Executive-level leadership team (Inspire Group). The design allowed for cohorts of 18-24 individuals to participate in the Manage and Lead programs and for 8-14 individuals to participate in the Inspire programs. While several of the programs were held on the Eckerd College campus, the Inspire programs were held in Tampa, Mexico and Italy.


Background Process for Lead and Manage Group

  • Phase One: Classroom sessions focused on 360-degree leadership assessments, robust experiential activities (related to communication, managing change and consensus building), entrepreneurial mindset, peer feedback and individual coaching.
  • Phase Two: Up to 4 hours of on-going coaching were focused on the realization of an individual development plan with the company’s most valued competencies in mind.
  • Phase Three: Classroom sessions focused on the assessment and practice of conflict skills and addressed issues of trust, accountability, innovation, team problem-solving and service excellence.


Process for Inspire Group (Executive Leadership Team)

  • Phase One: Programs held in Tampa, Mexico and Italy for the Inspire Group included a 360-degree assessment of leadership versatility and addressed topics such as entrepreneurial mindset, systemic thinking, visionary leadership, building impactful relationships, peer feedback and individual coaching
  • Phase Two: Up to 6 hours of ongoing coaching were designed to maximize personal and professional satisfaction and effectiveness.



As a result of the multi-phase interventions, all participants were far more aware of leadership strengths and development opportunities. The Inspire group became more aligned, cohesive and committed, thus creating a far more entrepreneurial, feedback-rich, and positive organizational culture. Leaders at all levels were introduced to a common language which created trust, respect and increased productivity.


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